For the First Time Ever: A “LIVE” UDRP HEARING!

Kamila Sekiewicz Uncategorized

For the first time ever, you can see a “live” demonstration of how an actual UDRP domain name dispute case is argued and adjudicated. The ICA is very pleased to present in association with the International Trademark Association (INTA) a “moot” or “mock” UDRP hearing. This innovative and lively session will feature three actual UDRP Panelists as they hear a fictional UDRP case influenced by real-world facts. The case will be presented by experienced lawyers making arguments for the trademark owner and for the domain name registrant, respectively. Read the interesting “fictional” facts of the case, here. The case involves a famous Thailand-based energy drink company called, “Red Ball”, and a domain name investor from Iowa, Connie Domainus in a dispute over the fictional domani name Red Ball dot com. Was the domain name registered and used in bad faith to target the Complainant? Or did the registrant register the Domain Name because it had inherent value as corresponding to a descriptive term? Now you don’t need to just read about a case after it happens, you can see it argued and decided in real time!

The ICA and INTA have put together a dream team of counsel and panelists: George Nahitchevansky as Complainant Counsel, Karen Bernstein as Respondent Counsel, and Gerald Levine, Steve Levy, and Francine Tan (Chair), serving as Panelists. Lori Schulman from INTA and Zak Muscovitch and Kamila Sekiewicz of ICA will both be making brief remarks at the beginning of the session.

Here is a little promo reel to give you a taste of the session:

You can still get a Namescon Online ticket, here: