Sedo.com joined the Internet Commerce Association as a founding member in 2006 because we felt that a thriving, active marketplace for domains could only exist if the web was operated under a transparent and predictable set of rules that respected the rights and investments made by domain registrants. Protecting the due process rights of registrants protects the foundation of an open market where domains can be bought and sold between responsible owners. Fighting to establish clear and predictable rules that apply fairly to all stakeholders on the web is a fundamental part of the ICA’s mission and something Sedo proudly supports. But it takes a grassroots effort to create and sustain change, and the ICA needs your support to keep working on your behalf.
Jeremiah Johnston - Sedo.com

Over the past decade or so we domain owners have seen some remarkable industry achievements for which ICA was the main or a significant contributor. Without the ongoing efforts of our Counsel, Zak Muskovitch and the Board of ICA, every domain owner would be significantly worse off today.

It is important that we continue to build the groundswell of support for the ICA as it works to protect domain registrants’ rights and educate the community about the legitimate status of domain owners and their domain assets.

There is absolutely no doubt that investment in ICA is indeed important and invaluable. We thank all involved for the time and effort expended on our behalf.

GREGG MCNAIR / Chairman, PPX International Group
The domain name industry is a young one and needs more community of domain investors. It’s not really enough for us to just get together and talk business. We need eyes on the policy makers. Being a member of the ICA separates those who are merely interested in the domain industry with those who view the domain industry as their long-term career. I highly recommend that any serious domain investor join for a year, converse with the membership, work on a Working Group. Get involved. Don’t be insular – engage with the industry association community.
Richard Laun / Co-founder - NamesCon

NameCorp is extremely proud to support the ICA. Zak and Nat (and everybody else) have (literally) saved the industry millions of dollars over the years and continue to fight daily for domain owner’s rights. Their unwavering dedication is something we must not just admire, but also support financially.

Almost every valuable asset in this world has a group to protect its rights. Domain names are no different. Many are extremely valuable, some priceless. Those rights should never be taken for granted. We need people like Zak, Nat, Daniel, Jeremiah (and now Kamila) to fight the battle others won’t or can’t.

Cinderella said it best “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”.

Just donate already.

Alan Dunn / Founder / Managing Director of NameCorp™
It’s very easy to sleepwalk through life thinking others will contribute to worthy causes. It’s convenient to lull yourself into believing that a small contribution won’t make a difference, but I can assure you that’s not the case. We have a terrific organized public voice that speaks to rights of domain registrants and that is the ICA. I encourage you all to make a small donation to the organization, as I do, so that your children will have a great name industry to prosper in – as you have.
Frank Schilling - President - Uniregistry

I support the ICA because the ICA helps protect my livelihood.

ICA has been effective in preventing damaging policies from seeing the light of day. It advocates on behalf on businesses in the domain industry at ICANN, before Congress, through the judicial system and in the media. I fully believe that our industry would be in much worse shape today were it not for the efforts of the ICA. We all benefit from the work of the ICA and I am glad to give it my support.

Nat Cohen / President - Telepathy, Inc.
We joined the ICA because we firmly believe in protecting the rights of domain registrants. Whether you own one domain or thousands of domains, you deserve to have your rights as a domain owner respected and protected. We live in a world where there are a number of well-funded, well-connected stakeholder groups with a lot of influence who don’t always understand or value individual domain registrant rights. Despite sometimes even the best of intentions on their part, these stakeholder groups can and will trample all over you and your domains. The only organization that is actively watching out and fighting for the best interests of domain owners is the ICA. If you want to protect your valuable domain assets now and in the future, you should seriously consider joining the ICA.
Bill Sweetman / President - Name Ninja
I joined the ICA for a very simple reason – I see domain names as an asset class for me and many other people that I know, and I want to make sure they remain an asset class for years to come. We are living in a world that is constantly changing, the Internet itself is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before, and the ICA is the organization that looks after domain investors’ rights amidst all this change.
Morgan Linton / Founder, MorganLinton.com
The ICA plays a vital role in speaking out on behalf of our industry. Zak Muscovitch is tireless and dedicated in his advocacy to protect registrant rights and in providing a voice on policy matters for the industry at large. Those in the domain industry should rally around and support the ICA. Let your voice be heard by joining your friends and colleagues in an organization focused on protecting the rights and interests of the domain name community.
Joe Uddeme / Founder, NameExperts.com
Buckley Media joined the ICA to support the mission-critical work they do to support the domain community. From advocating for the rights of domain registrants to vital education pieces to spearheading a code of conduct, we are proud to support this important work. Their efforts, including promoting competitive pricing, and condemning and fighting fraud, are nothing less than indispensable—particularly in such a nascent industry as ours.
Kate Buckley / CEO, Buckley Media
I’m supporting the ICA mainly so that the voice of domain name investors can be heard. Our livelihood depends on domain names so it’s very important that any domain name related policy must be balanced and not biased against us investors, and I believe/hope the the ICA would be able to help in this regard.
Franky Tong / Domain Investor
I support the ICA because they do important work standing up for our rights as domain registrants. I feel confident giving to a cause supported by such respected colleagues as Frank Schilling, Nat Cohen, and Mike Berkens.
Alex Lerman
I joined the ICA because us domainers need an advocate to battle for us when the time comes and that time is constant. We need someone who understands ICANN policies and can help shape them to protect our rights as domain owners. Most domain owners don’t think they need the help of the ICA until that day comes when they find themselves in a costly lawsuit wondering why their generic domain is at risk of being lost to some bully. Join the ICA so we can keep laws and policies in our favor and not in favor of bullies and thieves.