About Us

Founded in 2006, the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) is a non-profit trade organization representing domain name investors, website developers and related companies. The ICA is made up of responsible businesses and individuals who have joined together to improve public confidence in Internet commerce. Based in Washington D.C., our mission is to promote and share best practices among participants in the domain name industry and to educate consumers, policy makers, law makers and the media about the value and benefits of direct navigation traffic and the domain name industry.

Our Vision and Goals. The Internet Commerce Association brings together a diverse group of individuals and companies that own, buy, sell and develop domain names. The ICA promotes the value and benefits of Internet traffic and direct search by conducting a concentrated effort to educate advertisers of the value and exceptional conversion rate compared with paid traffic sources.

We will carefully watch and participate in the development of rules, laws and regulations pertaining to the Internet as well as the dispute resolution process established by ICANN. The ICA respects trademarks and opposes intentional infringement, but believes that there be a balance between a domain owner’s interest in the valuable intangible rights comprised in a domain, as well as their fair use right to free expression, and trademark owner’s rights. We will promote fairness through our legislative agenda and we will communicate regularly with one voice on behalf of our members in Washington, D.C. and with governments around the globe.

Our association will continuously engage the media with the goal of educating Internet consumers about the value of domain names to both individuals and businesses alike and why an open and free market for the exchange of domains is criticial to maximizing national economic value. Our association’s strength lies in our diverse membership and their vast collection of experience and wisdom. Our goal is for the spirit of entrepreneurship to flourish and for our members to prosper by their participation in the Internet Commerce Association.