Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominee Profile – Adam Strong

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Because of his humble nature, you might not have heard of Adam Strong, our next Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominee. However, he is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience and an extensive digital design and development background. Adam has founded and co-founded several companies, such as namebio.com, and has been known to selflessly help many, both in the …

ICA Member Profile: Sten Lillieström

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Sten Lillieström is the founder and CEO of Next Venture AB, an acquisition brokerage firm and a brand prospect domain portfolio, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Profile Questions Name: Sten Lillieström Company: Next Venture Favorite Domain: Lifesign.com Favorite Industry Conference: Yet to be determined Favorite Industry Blog(s): Domain Name Wire Tell us a little bit about your background and your personal story. …

ICA Member Profile: Giuseppe Graziano/LXME

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Giuseppe Graziano is the founder and CEO at LXME – Lisbon Media, the company that operates the investor-only domain trading platform LMX.com and GGRG Brokerage & Consulting. Profile Questions Name: Giuseppe Graziano Company: LXME – Lisbon Media Favorite Domain: Lisbon.com Favorite Industry Conference: NamesCon Europe (formerly Domaining Europe) Favorite Industry Blog(s): There are many great blogs out there, but the …

ICA Member Profile: Todd Han

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Todd Han is the founder, president, and CEO of Dynadot, an ICANN accredited registrar and web hosting company. Todd founded Dynadot, headquartered in San Mateo in 2002, and the company later opened several international offices in Zhengzhou, Beijing, and Toronto. Todd was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the US with his parents at the age of 4. Profile Questions …

ICA Member Profile: Jack Kal

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Jack Kal is the the founder and CEO of Apex Moon, a domain acquisition and brokerage firm that specializes in premium top-level domain names. Jack’s been in the domain industry for over 6 years and has completed sales on the buying and selling side, totaling 8 figures USD. Jack was born and raised in Montreal, Canada but moved to Dubai …

ICA Member Profile: Andrew Rosener

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Andrew Rosener is an industry leading Domain Broker and is currently acting as CEO of MediaOptions.com, a boutique domain acquisition & brokerage firm. Media Options started off as a one-man operation and has grown to become one of the best know domain brokerages in the industry, completing tens of millions in domain names sales for startups and Fortune 500 companies …

ICA Member Profile: Brian Harbin

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Brian Harbin has been an independent domain broker with GritBrokerage for over 4 years. He is also the Director of Sales for NamePros for the past 3 1/2 years. Brian has been in sales since he was 18 (about 20 years now) when he started selling educational books door to door as a freshman at the University of Georgia. He …

ICA Member Profile: Kate Buckley

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Kate is CEO and Founder of Buckley Media. She has 23 years of experience in integrated marketing and business development, with deep experience in global domains, brand development, naming, creative strategy, storytelling, and social media. Kate’s background includes big agencies (Gray and Landor) as well as 20 years experience with premium domains (CCIN/The Castello Brothers). She is an expert at …

ICA Member Profile: Slade Michalec

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Slade got his start in internet marketing, working on the affiliate marketing side of things where focus was on website optimization and user retention/recovery. After hearing Hobi speak of the domain industry for several years, Slade became more fascinated with domains. He eventually made the career jump and began brokering premium domain names at Domain Holdings. Since the beginning to …

ICA Member Profile: Hobi Michalec

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Hobi Michalec graduated college at FAU with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a focus on entrepreneurship. He discovered domaining by chance after meeting John Ferber and joining Domain Holdings for a number of years. He left the company after its acquisition to help Co-found Lumis.