Code of Conduct

The Internet Commerce Association’s (ICA) Member Code of Conduct expresses the ICA’s recognition of the responsibilities of its members to the intellectual property, domain name, and Internet communities at large and will guide members in conducting their domain name investment and development activities with professionalism, respect and integrity.

Members of the ICA agree to comply with the following Code of Conduct:

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. A member shall not register a domain with the intent to infringe on the trademark rights of others.  A member shall respond promptly to remedy any infringing use that is brought to the member’s attention.

Strict Adherence to Internet Fraud Laws. Members of the ICA shall comply with all applicable laws regarding Internet fraud and abuse.

Accurate WHOIS Data. A member shall provide and maintain accurate domain name registrant and contact information to their domain name registrar. If a member makes use of a proxy service or other form of privacy protection, the underlying information shall be accurate.

Lawful Content. A member shall follow applicable laws and regulations and a registrant shall not use domain names for any unlawful purpose.

Respect for Human Suffering and Victims of Tragedy. A member shall be respectful of persons and communities involved in tragedy. A member shall not register domains with the intent to profit from a recent tragedy.

ICA members found to be in violation of any provision of this Code of Conduct shall be subject to having their membership suspended or terminated.

Each member of the ICA is, through their application for and continued membership in the ICA, self-certifying that they subscribe to this Code of Conduct and that they shall conduct their activities in full compliance with it. Upon receipt of credible and substantiated information that an ICA member is not in compliance with this Code of Conduct, the Board, or an internal task force to which it has delegated appropriate authority, may conduct an investigation of such allegation and the member shall cooperate with same. Upon a finding that a member has intentionally and materially violated one or more provisions of this Code, and/or such violation has remained unremedied, the Board in its sole discretion, may take such action, including warning, suspension, and/or expulsion of the member as it deems appropriate in its sole judgment. Any ICA member that is charged with a criminal offense substantially involving a domain name and/or associated website is subject to immediate suspension of membership and shall be subject to expulsion from the ICA in the event that it is convicted of such criminal offense.

Revised November 9th, 2018