UDRP Case Summaries

UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) was established and adopted at ICANN’s inception as a dispute resolution policy to resolve disputes between trademark holders and domain owners more quickly and cost-effectively than judicial litigation.

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January 25, 2022

Were Complainants Targeted? Also, Two More RDNH! ICA UDRP Digest – Vol 2.4

Parties to a UDRP Should be Careful with and Forthright in their Submissions Indoor Billboard/Northwest, Inc. v. Domain Administrator / Synergy Technologies, LLC, NAF Claim Number: FA2111001973863  <IndoorBillboard .com> Complaint Denied (RDNH) Panelists: Mr. Aaron B. Newell (Presiding), Mr. Gerald M. Levine, and Honorable Bruce E. Meyerson (Ret.), Brief Facts: The US Complainant has a US trademark for INDOOR BILLBOARD
January 18, 2022

Bybt.com, MaryWashingtonHealth.com, Luma.com and more interesting decisions – ICA UDRP Digest – Vol 2.3

Complainant’s Plan B and Attempt to Mislead, Results in RDNH Decision Bybit Fintech Limited v. Liqian (李黔), WIPO Case No. D2021-3559 <bybt .com> Complaint Denied (RDNH) Panelist: Mr. Matthew Kennedy Brief Facts: The Complainant, established in 2018, operates a cryptocurrency exchange at <bybit .com> (note the “i” in contrast to disputed domain name, bybt .com). The Complainant filed trademark applications
January 10, 2022

SimplePlan.com, BabyShark.com, SoccerStore.cc and other interesting UDRP decisions – ICA UDRP Digest – Vol 2.2

A Simple UDRP Plan Results in RDNH Simple Plan Inc. v. Michel Rog, NAF Claim Number: FA2111001973743 <simpleplan .com> Complaint Denied (RDNH) Panelists: Mr. Steven M. Levy, Mr. Terry F. Peppard and Mr. Alan L. Limbury, Brief Facts: The Canadian Complainant originally formed as a pop/rock band in 1999, registered the disputed Domain Name on September 12, 1999. It has
January 4, 2022

libertas.org, luxuryauction.com, securus.com and more interesting UDRP decisions – ICA UDRP Digest – Vol 2.1

Complainant’s Serious and Material Misrepresentations Leads to RDNH Pacific House, LLC v. Withheld for Privacy Purposes, Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf / Connor Boyack, WIPO Case No. D2021-3086 <libertas .org> Complaint Denied (RDNH) Panelists: Mr. W. Scott Blackmer (Presiding), Dr. Torsten Bettinger and Mr. Brian J. Winterfeldt Brief Facts: The US Complainant is an advocacy organization working
December 27, 2021

Caribou.com, Lumos.com, PerfectRecall.com and more interesting domain names cases! ICA UDRP Digest – Vol 1.18

A Respondent in a Different Jurisdiction Cannot Be Expected to Have a Constructive Notice of Trademark Scott Dylan v. K-Ventures FZE LLC, WIPO Case No. D2021-2977 <caribou .com> Complaint Denied Panelists: Mr. Matthew Kennedy (Presiding), Mr. Antony Gold, Mr. Gerald M. Levine Brief Facts: The individual Complainant is a shareholder in a 2018 incorporated Company, which provides courier services and has
December 20, 2021

NextBite.com, VogueTravels.com, TER.com and more interesting decisions – ICA UDRP Digest – Vol 1.17

Wild, Unsubstantiated Allegations of Fraud Lead to RDNH Ruling Nextbite Brands, LLC v. Nextbite LLC, Nextbite General Trading Company, WIPO Case No. D2021-3114<nextbite .com>  Complaint Denied (RDNH) Panelist: Mr. Nick J. Gardner  Brief Facts: The Complainant’s main company called Ordermark, Inc. provides hardware and software for restaurants. In 2018, Ordermark expanded as “Ghost Systems, LLC”, to supply menus for restaurants and
December 15, 2021

Hard-Hitting RDNH Findings and More – ICA UDRP Digest – Vol 1.16

Panelist Neuman Makes Extensive RDNH Finding Against Complainant Who Waited 20 Years and Failed to Prove Even Common Law Rights Electrosoft Services, Inc. v. TechOps / SyncPoint, NAF Claim Number: FA2110001969515 <electrosoft .com>  Complaint Denied (RDNH) Panelist: Mr. Jeffrey J. Neuman Brief Facts: The Complainant provides Information Technology and Cybersecurity services, primarily the US government. The Complainant admits that it does not have
November 29, 2021

What is the Scope of the UDRP? Read this Week’s Cases! ICA UDRP Digest – Vol 1.15

Evidence of Good Faith Registration Outweighs Evidence of Limited Bad Faith Use  360training.com v. DNS ADMIN / BEST WEB LIMITED – www.Bestweb.com, NAF Claim Number: FA2110001968877 <tips .com>  Complaint Denied  Panelist: Dawn Osborne, The Hon Neil Brown Q.C. and Mr. Alan L. Limbury Brief Facts: The Complainant has rights in the TIPS mark based on use since 1983 and registration with the
November 1, 2021

Six New UDRP Cases You Won’t Want to Miss – ICA UDRP Digest – Volume 1.11

Fair Criticism against Florida’s Power & Light Company Upheld  Florida Power & Light Company v. Registration Private, Domains by Proxy, LLC / Alex Patton, Ozean Media, and Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship, WIPO Case No. D2021-2526 <fplratenotice .com> Complaint Denied Panelist: Mr. W. Scott Blackmer Brief Facts: The Complainant is the largest energy company in the United States, serving millions of customers across