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Thank you for your interest in the Internet Commerce Association (ICA). The ICA is a non-profit trade association dedicated to protecting the ownership rights of domain owners and advocating to ensure a bright future for the domain name industry.

We offer corporate and individual memberships. Individual members can join directly through the website. To join as a business, please fill out an application and we'll contact you.

Join now (at premium individual level or above) and get a free ticket to ICA Dinner at Namescon 2024. Contact us for more information.

Annual Membership


Premium Individual Membership
Basic Individual Membership
$600 USD or $50 per month
$300 USD or $25 per month


Platinum Membership
Gold Membership
Silver Membership
Bronze Membership
$25,000 USD and above
$10,000 - $24,999 USD
$5,000 - $9,999 USD
$1,000 - $4,999 USD

Individual memberships are only available for individuals in their personal capacity, not to businesses or organizations.  The Basic Individual Membership level is appropriate for new domain investors only or part-time investors making under $50k in annual revenues from domaining. Benefits are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Access to Policy Updates and Educational Materials
New Member Welcome on Discord and in the newsletter
Invitation to Exclusive ICA In-Person Meetups
Legal Benefit
Vote for Board Representatives (weighted)
Vote for Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Recipient
Directory PlacementNameName + Headshot
Access to AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and online member eventsaccess to recordings, no live accessfull access, able to participate in live events
Discounts on Conferences, ICA Events, etc.
$300 per year
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$600 per year
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Premium Individual Monthly


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Basic Member Monthly


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Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships are intended for businesses and established individual investors, and the membership level should be appropriate to the business's standing in the domain name industry.  Benefits are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Member Badge on Website
Access to Educational Material, Email Updates, AMA (Ask Me Anything) and Member Calls
Discounts for Conferences, ICA Events, etc.
Access to ICA Discord ChannelMember onlyMember +1 EmployeeMember +2 EmployeesMember +3 EmployeesMember +6 Employees
IntroductionDiscord + EmailDiscord + EmailDiscord + EmailDiscord + Email + Blog PostDiscord + Email + Blog Post
Directory PlacementCompany Name + LogoCompany Name + LogoCompany Name + Logo + Short Company DescriptionCompany Name + Logo + Medium Company DescriptionCompany Name + Logo + Long Company Description
Newsletter Mentions1 Shared Newsletter "Sponsorship"1 Shared Newsletter "Sponsorship"2 Shared Newsletter "Sponsorship"2 Exclusive and 1 Shared Newsletter "Sponsorships"6 Exclusive Newsletter "Sponsorships"
Annual Member Promotions1 Promotion1 Promotion2 Promotion5 Promotion
Logo Featured on ICA's Home Page
ICA Board SeatEligible
$1000 per year
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$2,500 per year
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$5,000 per year
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$10,000 per year
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Bronze Annual


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Bronze Monthly


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Silver Annual


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Silver Monthly


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All membership levels include access to ICA email alerts, member webinars, and other important updates from ICA counsel and membership, the ability to vote in board elections, the opportunity to highlight your support of domain owner rights with ICA Member website badges,  and recognition in the ICA Member Directory. Membership also demonstrates your commitment to the ICA Code of Conduct.  Most of your membership contribution may be tax deductible, as described below.

Additional recognition, access, and benefits are available at higher membership levels.  Corporate membership levels begin at the Bronze Membership level.

The ICA's success and future depend on your support. For any membership questions feel free to contact our Executive Director, Kamila Sekiewicz, at

Submitting Your Membership Contribution

Monthly or annual PayPal subscriptions are the easiest way to join for most individual members. Corporate members can pay via PayPal, credit card, wire transfer, or checks. We'll provide all the details and options at the time of joining.

PayPal Account: or through the Subscription buttons.

Contributions And Donations

The ICA is a volunteer-run organization that depends on contributions from the domain industry to fulfill its mission. Contributions of any amount are welcome.

One-Time Donations


Other Ways to Help

We may also be able to accept donations of domain names. Domain name donations may have tax advantages that can be explored with your accountant. Please contact us if you are interested in donating a domain.

Volunteering your time can be just as valuable as contributing money. The ICA needs help with membership outreach, fundraising, social media distribution and administrative efforts. Consider putting your talents to good use by supporting the ICA.

Support those who are making the domain industry better for all of us by supporting those who support the ICA. Look for the ICA Member badge and consider directing your business to those businesses who support the ICA. For those businesses who already support the ICA, let them know that you appreciate their support. For those businesses you deal with who don't yet support the ICA, let them know that you prefer to work with businesses that are joining in the industry wide effort to protect our domain name assets.

How will my Contribution be Used?

As a volunteer-run organization, you can be assured that 100% of your contribution goes to pursuing the ICA's mission. Our lean-and-mean approach means that every dollar spent supporting the ICA is another dollar helping domain owners team to counter the IP community’s narrative against domain investors specifically, and domains generally, by setting forth accurate information about our industry and working for recognition and preservation of domain registrant rights. Any amounts collected in excess of our operating budget will be devoted exclusively to the projects and purposes as decided by members, such as commissioning white papers to support ICA positions, the creation of a domain defense fund, hiring of additional staff, etc.