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Slade got his start in internet marketing, working on the affiliate marketing side of things where focus was on website optimization and user retention/recovery. After hearing Hobi speak of the domain industry for several years, Slade became more fascinated with domains. He eventually made the career jump and began brokering premium domain names at Domain Holdings. Since the beginning to where he is today as Co-Founder of Lumis, Slade has not looked back!

Profile Questions

Name: Slade Michalec
Company: Lumis
Favorite Domain: Any domain I’m brokering 🙂
Favorite Industry Conference: NamesCon
Favorite Industry Blog(s): DNJournal, TheDomains, DomainGang. This list can keep going, there’s value in all of the blogs in the industry.

Tell us a little bit about your background and your personal story.
I grew up in Lakeland, FL, a town that sits between Orlando and Tampa. While there was not a wide range of curricular activities that would direct me to the field of domains, there was plenty to keep me busy. And if you’re from Florida, you either love the water or dislike water. Most activities (even now) will generally lead to something in or around the ocean. Coming back to Florida after being in Utah for a year, I’ve also grown a strong appreciation for powersports, sand dunes and the outdoors overall.

How did you get involved in the domain industry?
Having been in South Florida for a few years following college, I received a very different perspective and opportunity in the digital world where I had my start in internet marketing. After working in marketing for a couple of years, I found that I had more interest in digital real estate having a brother (Hobi Michalec) whom worked in the industry and talked with me daily about this once unknown world. After making the transition I found that brokering domains was amazing and I’ve had tunnel vision ever since!

What is your current role?
Co-Founder of Lumis.

Why did you choose to support the ICA?
The ICA is very present in the domain industry and confronts/responds to topics that need to be discussed. The ICA has and will continue to change the direction of the industry for the better and the association has everyone’s best interests in mind.

Can you share a prediction about the future of the domain industry?
With more and more parts of the world coming online and understanding the value of a digital indentity, I believe the degree of relevancy and competitiveness in the space will continue to grow. And with that, the strength of the domain industry will continue to grow as a whole for the foreseeable future.

What do you like most about the domain industry?
The amount of opportunity. It’s hard to close my eyes sometimes. I’m also learning something new everyday.

If you could change one thing about the domain industry what would it be?
Probably one of the biggest things I’d change would be domain education. There are too many individuals and companies that do not understand domain names; specifically, domain values, inaccurate interpretations, etc. From a buyer side, it’s important for companies looking to secure a domain to have an effective strategy as well as budget in place to secure a domain. Companies also often misinterpret the industry as a whole and believe every domain owner is out to get them, specifically when something doesn’t align (such as price vs budget).
I believe there are also a number of seller’s (both individuals and companies) who do not understand the value of a domain and throw themselves into it without understanding where domain value, relevancy and need is derived. The industry can also move quickly so it’s important to stay in touch with what is happening with the industry and the world.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges the domain industry is faced with?
Lack of education (revert last answer)

What do you wish other people knew about the ICA?
The ICA has everyone’s interests in mind and are working to make the industry a better place for everyone involved.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the ICA?
Do it. The ICA has your back and if you have any questions reach out to the team. After hearing about this association for a while, it’s nice to finally be apart of the team!

What unexpected doors opened for you because of your involvement in the domain industry?
New business opportunities and foresight outside of the domain industry. With domain names, I help clients buy and sell domains outside of our industry and in turn I learn about all these various industries. Nothing specific to note; however, the domain industry has lead me to several different opportunities that I am currently venturing into.

What’s the best advice ever received (domain related or otherwise)?
“Input equals output”

What are your main interests outside of the domain industry?
Travel, music, and anything that gets me in the ocean!

Favorite place to get away:
Southeast Asia and Central America are at the top of the list.

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