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Hobi Michalec graduated college at FAU with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a focus on entrepreneurship. He discovered domaining by chance after meeting John Ferber and joining Domain Holdings for a number of years. He left the company after its acquisition to help Co-found Lumis.

Profile Questions

Name: Hobi Michalec
Company: Lumis
Favorite Domain: fitness.com, fx.com
Favorite Industry Conference: NamesCon
Favorite Industry Blog(s):DNJournal, TheDomains, DomainInvesting, DomainGang, DNW, DotWeekly

Tell us a little bit about your background and your personal story.
I graduated college at FAU with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a focus on entrepreneurship. I currently live in St. Augustine, FL. I’ve always been fascinated by tech and the advantages it can bring to a company.

How did you get involved in the domain industry?
I came into the industry by a chance meeting with John Ferber back when I was still in college. One thing leads to another and I worked with Domain Holdings for a number of years. Millions of $’s in sales and an acquisition later, I left to help Co-found Lumis.

What is your current role?
Co-Founder of Lumis. We help clients buy, sell, and manage their domain assets.

Why did you choose to support the ICA?
The ICA makes a HUGE impact on bettering the industry. The organization promotes the understanding and the protection of domain investors, brokers, and everyone in between.

Can you share a prediction about the future of the domain industry?
The importance of a domain name is only going to grow. Each and every day someone new goes online, someone starts an online business, someone new interacts with a domain name. The value of owning, securing, and promoting your brand is going to become more crucial and more difficult.

What do you like most about the domain industry?
It’s definitely the people. Everyone is so dynamic. Each person has so much experience and things to teach. I love it!

If you could change one thing about the domain industry what would it be?
I wish some people didn’t have an, “us vs, them” mentality. Whether it’s an end-user incorrectly accusing a generic, single-word, domain owner of being a squatter, or a domain investor angry with an uneducated offer on a domain name simply because the buyer in question just doesn’t understand.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges the domain industry is faced with?
I’d have to say false accusations of squatting leading to a UDRP.

What do you wish other people knew about the ICA?
The impact they work to make each and every day!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the ICA?
If they’re unsure, reach out and ask someone your questions. Everyone who’s a part of this group believes in the vision and is happy to help! Heck, give me a call!

What unexpected doors opened for you because of your involvement in the domain industry?
Probably China. I would never have expected to become so well versed in the economics of China simply because of domain names.

What’s the best advice ever received (domain related or otherwise)?
I’d have to find the exact quote but it was something along the lines of, “No matter the obstacle or challenge you can eventually figure it out or make it work.” Sure enough, if I sit there and think about a problem long enough, and hammer away at it, I’ll eventually identify the solution.

What are your main interests outside of the domain industry?
I love to travel! There are few things better than a sunny day at the beach.

Favorite place to get away
SE Asia and the sand dunes of Utah will always be my #1!
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