Lonnie Borck Memorial Award


Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominee Profile – Adam Strong

Because of his humble nature, you might not have heard of Adam Strong, our next Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominee. However, he is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience and an extensive digital design and development background. Adam has founded and co-founded several companies, such as namebio.com, and has been known to selflessly help many, both in the domain name industry and outside.
Having registered his first domain name in 1997, Adam has helped hundreds of companies buy and sell their domains. He currently resides in Central Illinois with his wife and two boys.


Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominee Profile – Richard Lau

To make this year’s Lonnie Borck Memorial Award ceremony even more exceptional, the very talented folks at NamesCon, created elegant bobblehead drawings of all the Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominees. And since we think they’re too good to keep to ourselves, we’d like to share them along with some background on each of the deserving nominees. We’re starting with Richard Lau, who is the founder of NamesCon! Richard has been in the domain name industry for over two decades. He is always available to share his considerable knowledge and industry experience, as he recently did while participating in one of ICA member events. He inspires many as the Executive Director and a donor for the Water School, a charity working to improve clean water access in Africa. Richard is currently working on Logo.com. To learn more about Richard, visit his ICA member profile.

ICA at NamesCon 2021

As each year, the ICA will have a large presence at NamesCon, and we invite you all to join us! You’ll find the agenda here, and ICA workshops and sessions are outlined below.
– – –
We have three very informative workshops prepared. The presenters know how to make policy and agreements engaging and have decades of domain name experience, so make sure to join us. Please keep in mind that the workshops have a participant limit and are first-come, first-serve. 
Workshop 1: Defending Domain Name Investing
Presenters: Zak Muscovitch, Nat Cohen
Wednesday, Jan 27
Start Time (UTC): 20:00-21:00 (EST) 3:00 PM
Domain investing is often misunderstood. Hear from Nat Cohen and Zak Muscovitch on the best arguments in favor of domain name investing and understanding the secondary market.
Workshop 2: Understanding Domain Name Brokerage Agreements
Presenters: Zak Muscovitch, Tessa Holcomb, Jeremiah Johnston 
Thursday, Jan 28
Start Time (UTC): 17:00-18:00 (EST) 12:00 PM
Receive a professionally drafted Broker Agreement with explanatory guidance and hear from experts on the issues that commonly arise in such agreements. Whether you are a broker, seller, or buyer, this session is not to be missed.
Workshop 3: UDRP Reform in 2021 – What to Expect
Presenters: Zak Muscovitch, Jason Schaeffer, Nat Cohen
Friday, Jan 29
Start Time (UTC): 17:00-18:00 (EST) 12:00 PM
After 21 years, the UDRP is going to be reviewed for the first time by an ICANN Working Group. Join in the discussion to hear about the review process, what the issues are, and what may be changed.
– – – 
As each year, the Lonnie Borck Memorial Award will take place during NamesCon. Since we couldn’t present the winner with the award in person, we had to get creative (and we did!). Join us as we surprise the winner in this very special award ceremony! 
Lonnie Borck Memorial Award 
Thu, Jan 28
Start Time (UTC): 18:15 – 18:25 (EST) 1:15 – 1:25 pm 
– – –
Our breakout session this year will focus on Domain Name Sales and LinkedIn. Hear how Morgan Linton and Jeff Garbutt’s very different paths led them to our industry and how they each use LinkedIn as a tool for their success.
Breakout Track: LinkedIn & Domain Sales
Date: Fri, Jan 29
Start Time (UTC): 18:35  (EST): 1:35 PM
Speakers: Tessa Holcomb, Morgan Linton, Jeff Garbutt
– – –
In addition to the above, the ICA will also have a booth and a networking table, so please stop by and say hello. We look forward to seeing you at NamesCon 2021! 

2020 Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominations

We’re happy and proud to announce that nominations for ICA’s 2020 Lonnie Borck Memorial Award are now open! With NamesCon’s generous support, for the 4th year in a row we’ll be holding the award ceremony during the conference.
This year we have refocused the award. The Lonnie Borck Memorial Award was originally conceived to honor those whose work has protected the rights of domain name registrants. This year, in keeping with Lonnie’s generous spirit, we have decided to broaden the scope of the award to honor those whose contributions have fostered a sense of community within the domain name industry.
We invite you all to take part in the process and to submit your suggestions for the nominees. The nomination process is open to the entire domain name community so please share the short nomination form with your colleagues, on your blogs, or through social media.
The nomination period will remain open until October 15th.  Once the nomination period closes, you, the ICA Members, will select the three finalists for the award.  The ICA Board will choose the winner from the three finalists that you select.
The winners of the past 3 awards were: David Weslow, Kathy Kleiman and John Berryhill.