ICA AMA with Sten Lilliestrom!

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We’re happy to announce that we’re restarting our AMA series this month! Join us next Wednesday, September 20th, for a candid chat with Sten Lilliestrom.

Sten is a domain investor, a former radio journalist, and an IP paralegal. He is interested in the future in general and the future of brandable sales in particular. He tries to put the “name” part in “domain name” front and center where he thinks it belongs. He is also an acquisition broker with a growing number of happy clients of his acquisition agency, Next Venture. He may also attempt to question legacy notions of value in domain names, UDRP jurisprudence concerning the legitimacy of generic naming principles as an investment strategy, and legacy brokerage devices. While Sten is relatively new to the domain name industry, he’s already proven himself be highly successful and found his niche in the brandable domain name space, where his background it a big plus!

Sten is the top-seller on the brandable marketplace SquadHelp because of his knack for identifying “made-up” brandable domain names. He’ll be sharing his August sales and answering your questions, so join us to learn the secrets of his success and how he recognizes the value in domain names that others overlook!

Reach out to us if you have any questions for Sten but cannot attend the AMA. We will ask them for you.

If you’re not an ICA member yet but are considering joining, reach out to or fill out an application here.


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