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The ICA is excited to be participating in THE Domain Conference, one of the sub-events at MERGE!, this October 14-18th in Orlando, Florida. The ICA will host a 45-minute session presenting an overview of our work with plenty of time for an audience Q&A.
MERGE! conference is organized by industry veterans and ICA members Jothan Frakes and Howard Neu along with his son Ray. They have years of experience organizing domain conferences and have contributed greatly to the growth of our industry. They have provided the following information about the conference.




MERGE! is taking a different spin on a domain conference by bringing together experts and members from a number of complementary industries. By bringing together a mix of designers, developers, integrators, investors, businesspeople, CMO/CIO/C-Suite decision makers, branding firms, blockchain experts, funding veterans, and many familiar faces from the domain industry, the conference organizers expect many connections will be made that will lead to successful collaborations. Participating in THE Domain Conference, also offers valuable exposure to the many other events and activities at MERGE!


MERGE! accumulates a variety of the people you’d want to lure to a domain event by hosting multiple events that would typically attract them, and then making the content all about the utility and promise of domain names. As unconventional and crazy as it may sound, it works and is fairly obvious after some thought.


A WHIR networking has been added to MERGE! WHIR is well known to those within the cloud, CMS, and hosting world. TheWHIR holds events throughout Canada and the US and have a fantastic track record in building the value of in-person interactions. Their events facilitate community by providing a fun and comfortable environment to meet, mingle and do business with face-to-face.


The CMS Summit event at MERGE! is adding an impressive roster of speakers from Joomla, Drupal, Concrete 5, Automattic, Magento and more.


Digital Search Summit has participants that are experts on the major search engines and social media platforms who are heavy hitting speakers and influencers.


Bitcoin, Etherium, and other cryptocurrencies have seen their popularity rise this year and the Blockchain technology and innovation will be the focus of the BlockChain Roadshow.


THE Domain Conference –  the venerable and recently renamed pillar that so many of our members can attribute a large portion of their rolodex to – will be happening amongst all of the other content, where we get a chance to example the successes and prosperity of the domain business at an event that is vendor-neutral as an industry event.


Attendees will have the opportunity to meet startups, developers and influencers – help them choose the right domain name for their business or clients or resource ideas for their domain names. MERGE! provides these diverse networking opportunities to all its attendees.


Speakers and new conference tracks are being added daily to the show’s multi-track format. You can see the agenda and speaker profiles on their website: MERGESHOW.COM 


All ICA Members receive a special discount, receiving a ticket price of $299 for the event using promo code: “proudlyICA” (until 9/15). The conference admission is currently $699, and will rise to $899 over the weekend, so this preferred and special ticket for ICA members is something that you should take advantage of.


Those attending should hurry and take advantage of the special rate on the hotel rooms at the Orlando World Center Marriott.  The current rate of $129 / night is almost entirely used up and once it is full, the room rate rises to $300/night.


For more information, contact Jothan Frakes at: jothan@jothan.com, skype: jothan.frakes or call (206) 355-0230.