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ICA Member Profile: Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson is a domain name professional with over 15 years of experience specializing in buying, selling, managing and monetizing domain names, with total domain sales in excess of 8-figures. His work has been featured and quoted in various trade and industry publications as well as mainstream media such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and He is currently the Director of Business for and In his spare time he enjoys attending concerts and playing sports. Read more


ICA Member Profile: Edward Zeiden

Edward Zeiden is a business strategist and entrepreneur specializing in brick and mortar companies, start-ups, and the domain industry. After co-founding the startup, NameLayer (subsequently acquired by Techstars), he pursued a career in management consulting and web design.

He currently coordinates daily operations and fosters strategic partnerships at NamePros as Managing Director. He’s an avid investor in domains and the stock market. In his spare time, he still likes to help startups and local business as well as write about business strategy. Some of his most recent articles geared towards startups can be found on Morgan Linton’s blog. Read more


ICA Member Profile: Howard Neu

Howard Neu is well known within the domain industry as the co-founder of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference and a lifelong public servant who has also dabbled in motion pictures and media.

Howard has been an long-term political and legal force, working on many presidential and congressional campaigns. He also produced and hosted a Miami television talk show, “South Florida Speaks” for ten years, a Radio Talk show for three years and was an actor in numerous movies and stage musicals.

He has been a potent civil litigator, one who jumped into the online arena at the outset, defending notable and sometimes notorious clients. Read more


ICA Member Profile: Mark Daniel

Back in 2007, Mark’s longtime childhood friend from Maryland, John Ferber, convinced him to trade in the four seasons and his suit for eternal summertime and sandals to help launch a new company. Mark, a former shopping center leasing agent, didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to relocate to Delray Beach, Florida. It was there that he learned about digital advertising for a service technology company called USO Networks, spearheaded by Ferber, along with Jason Boshoff and Erik Simons. After a short and successful time in the space, they realized their clients had multiple needs including domain asset divestment and acquisitions. The rest is history. Read more


ICA Member Profile: William Llewellyn

William Llewellyn is an entrepreneur with a development interest in domains. Through his company Vahlt, he works to acquire and manage key assets for build-out. William also holds business interests in other areas, including sports nutrition and compound testing. He is an accomplished scientist as well, credited with discovering that a particular dietary fatty acid plays a core role in human muscle growth. Though his interests and background are diverse, Internet investment and development have become his primary focus as of late. Several of William’s noteworthy assets include,, and, as well as,, and Read more


ICA Member Profile: Shane Cultra

Most people know Shane Cultra from his blog/website or, which he’s been writing since 2009 and which now specializes in the domain aftermarket and brings out a daily list of best names for sale each day at all the major auction houses. Shane noticed the domain world back in 1995 but it wasn’t until 2007 when he was in a position to start building his domain portfolio and business. And while he’s been selling domains ever since, he calls his nursery/landscaping business his “regular” job where he’s the 5th generation owner of this family business. Shane puts in full time hours into both businesses and as if he didn’t have enough on his plate, he also competes in Ironman triathlons and marathons! Read more


ICA Member Profile: John Colascione

John Colascione is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Searchen Networks® Inc., a consultancy and business corporation in New York State. In addition, he is Chief Executive Officer of Long Island Media Inc., a privately owned digital media company. John’s qualifications in the domain space entail near fifteen years of marketing and advertising in the Internet industries involving development, website management, online advertising, search optimization, social marketing, consulting, server administration, brand development, content relevant advertising, and database administration. He is the author of “Mastering Your Website; The Insider’s Guide to Fully Understanding Your Website, Search Engine Optimization and Building Your Brand”. Read more


ICA Member Profile: Joe Uddeme

Joe Uddeme is a self-starter and entrepreneur who launched his first, brick-and-mortar retail business at the age of 17. He successfully started two additional retail businesses and operated all three for a total of 14 years before selling them off and exiting retail completely. He then built and launched a new age media company and helped clients with marketing, branding and web strategy. Eventually, his dear friend John Ferber, offered him a position as a high-end domain broker at Domain Holdings Group. After more than 5 years and 40mm in sales, Joe went on to become an entrepreneur again and launched in May 2016. Read more


ICA Member Profile: Richard Lau

Richard Lau is well known throughout the domain name industry having started many registrars, brokered numerous domain sales and quarterbacked the return of multiple high-value stolen domains. With his co-founding of NamesCon he adds to his successes in the industry, having established NamesCon as the largest commercial domain name conference worldwide. Read more


ICA Member Profile: Ron Jackson

Ron Jackson is the Founder, Editor & Publisher of Domain Name Journal, the domain industry news magazine at that has been covering industry news, people and events since launching on New Year’s Day 2003. Ron spent nearly 20 years as a television reporter for ABC and CBS TV stations in Florida before beginning an entrepreneurial career that eventually led him to the domain business. When he discovered that this dynamic industry had no trade magazine of its own he established DN Journal and the award-winning publication rapidly became an industry institution.

DN Journal is the source mainstream media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and USA Today have gone to when domain related stories are in the news. Ron has seen the domain business grow from its “Wild West”  infancy into responsible adulthood as millions of companies, organizations and individuals around the world have come to understand the critical role that domains play in navigating the world wide web and building unforgettable Internet brands. Read more