ICA Member Exclusive Webinar “Web 2.5”: Bridging web2 and web3

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This Thursday, Feb 8th, ICA members are invited to a unique webinar featuring insights from the forefront of ‘Web 2.5’—the intersection where Web2 and Web3 technologies meet. This session offers a direct line to the thoughts and strategies of those at the helm of companies bridging Web2 and Web3. Now, let’s introduce our expert panel, each contributing their expertise to shape the landscape of ‘Web 2.5’ and beyond:


GoDaddy, the leading provider of domain names, has enabled its customers to link their domains to ENS easily, without any extra fees or technical skills needed. This partnership marks a significant progress in bridging the gap between the Domain Name System (DNS) and blockchain technology.





.Box Domains is the world’s first blockchain-native, Web2+Web3 interoperable TLD.



WebUnited offers various services that seamlessly bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 domains.




D3 seeks to advance the domain name industry by bridging the gap between Web 1–3 technologies, focusing on secure, decentralized identities and facilitation of a smoother transition between Web2 and Web3, with an emphasis on user empowerment and security in the digital identity space.


.Art sets the standard for digital identity in the art world, offering a state-of-the-art registry infrastructure on current internet technologies. Leveraging Web3 and blockchain innovations, the platform’s patented “Digital Twin” process powers the new ID.Art platform, providing credentialing and services to help creatives digitize, promote, and monetize any object.  .Art domains are ENS-enabled, functioning seamlessly in both Web2 and Web3.



.HipHop has developed a Web2/Web3 bridging tool, located at getweb3.HipHop, which allows owners of existing .HipHop domain names to link their domain name to ENS. In addition, .HipHop is working with ICANN on a system that allows the linking to take place at the point of domain name registration through EPP.


Don’t miss this opportunity to hear firsthand from the industry’s leading ‘Web 2.5’ companies. Join us for an ICA member exclusive webinar with companies bridging Web2 and Web3.

Discover the transformative technologies shaping the digital landscape as we delve into the intersection of Web2 and Web3. Get ready to explore dynamic advancements driving innovation and learn what’s in store for the future of the internet.


*If you’re not an ICA member, but would like to join this and similar content, you can join the organization here.



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