ICA AMA with Josh Reason

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As always, we’ve got something special lined up for our next ICA AMA! Mark your calendars for next Wednesday, March 27th at noon Eastern because Josh Reason, an ICA member and an expert in the domain market, will be taking the floor.

Josh isn’t just any industry expert; he’s a seasoned brand consultant and entrepreneur with a portfolio of businesses both within and beyond the domain sphere. Over the years, he’s navigated the buying and selling of hundreds of premium domain names, helping clients worldwide to secure their digital real estate.

Many of you might recall his insightful Digital Fortune podcast. These days, Josh shares his expertise on DomainSherpa, continuing to influence and inspire.

Josh is also a pioneering force behind DNWE.COM, a trading platform that enhances liquidity in the market.

When he’s not busy with the domain name world, Josh is enjoying life in sunny Florida with his wife and three kids. And if you’re looking for him off the clock, there’s a good chance you’ll find him on the pickleball court, paddle in hand.

Ready to get insights from Josh’s extensive experience? Join us on March 27th at noon for an AMA session where you can ask him anything. Whether you’re curious about his strategies for domain investment, insights on entrepreneurship, or just want to know his pickleball secrets, now’s your chance.

This AMA is available live to all Premium Individual and Business members. If you’re interested in becoming part of the ICA community, contact us to join!

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