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Thank you for your interest in the Internet Commerce Association (ICA). The ICA is a non-profit trade association dedicated to ensuring that the ownership rights of domain owners are respected and protected. The ICA fulfills this mission by educating other concerned groups about the legitimate rights of domain owners, by engaging in the policy development process at ICANN, by monitoring and responding to legislation affecting the domain industry proposed in Washington, by submitting filings in judicial proceedings where necessary, and by taking any other actions needed to ensure a secure environment in which the domain industry can thrive. The ICA’s mission supports domain registrants, domain service companies, registrars, registries, and anyone hoping to build an online business with confidence and predictability.

Expert Exchange: An Interview With Nat Cohen, Owner of Telepathy and ICA Board Member

In this interview, Nat gives his views on a number of topics including the ICA, new gTLDs and China. We also discuss the upcoming UDRP process review – a very important subject that all investors should be aware of.

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Elliot Silver: Why I Joined the ICA Yesterday

I think the ICA does important work on behalf of domain name owners, especially people who own portfolios of domain names. When there are issues that pose threats to domain owners, Phil Corwin, the ICA’s counsel, takes action to protect the interests of domain owners. I understand that sometimes involves lobbying and it sometimes involves spreading the news about something that could be harmful to our business.

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ICA Now Offering Less Expensive Individual Memberships

Participation in the Internet Commerce Association should be accessible and affordable to all who have an interest in joining. The ICA is a member-led organization that advocates on behalf of the domain industry. The greater the participation and involvement of members of the domain industry in the ICA, the more effective we can be.

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ICA: The Domain Name Trade Association That Represents Your Financial Interests – With Philip Corwin

Large corporations have deep pockets and large intellectual property staffs with which to protect their interests, including trademarks. The result of such financial power can often be lobbyist-influenced legislation that does not favor domain name investing. What you probably didn’t realize is there is a domain name trade association that since 2006 has been representing the financial interests of domain name entrepreneurs. Spend 45 minutes learning about the Internet Commerce Association and the accomplishments the organization has made to date.

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Morgan Linton: Why The ICA Is So Important

I joined the ICA in 2012, before that, to be perfectly honest I didn’t know much about what the ICA did. After my first week as a contributor I was blown-away, soon I was on email strings covering issues that I had no idea we as domain investors were facing. That’s when I realize how important the ICA is and why every single domain investor should be a member and support the cause because really, in the end, you will be supporting yourself.

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Bill Sweetman: Why I Support The ICA

The only organization that is actively monitoring ICANN and various government entities on behalf of domain investors is the ICA. And not just monitoring, either. Phil Corwin is right there, in the trenches so to speak, often the only person speaking up when a policy or rule is proposed that is not in the best interest of domainers as well as everyday domain owners. Phil is a tireless crusader for domain investors and we are all very lucky to have him on our side.

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Nat Cohen: Why I Support the ICA

Being smart is taking full advantage of the good luck that comes your way and not taking it for granted. That is why I consider it smart to support the Internet Commerce Association (ICA). The ICA is the only group that is focused on protecting the rights of domain name owners.

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The ICA is a volunteer-run organization that depends on contributions from the domain industry to fulfill its mission. Contributions of any amount are welcome.

Contributions to the ICA may be partially tax-deductible. Please see details below.


Platinum Membership
Gold Membership
Silver Membership
Bronze Membership
Individual Membership
$25,000 USD and above
$10,000 – $24,999 USD
$5,000 – $9,999 USD
$1,000 – $4,999 USD
$600 USD

All membership levels include access to ICA email alerts and other important updates from ICA counsel and membership, the ability to participate in ICA policy and priority decisions, the ability to vote in board elections, and the opportunity to highlight your support of domain owner rights with ICA Member website seals and your logo in the Member section of the ICA website.

Membership also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to investors and dispute arbiters your commitment to the ICA Code of Conduct.

Additional benefits are available to the more senior membership levels. Not all membership levels are available to corporate members (those with 20 or more employees). Please contact the ICA for additional information.


The ICA also accepts donations of any size and those contributing $500 or more will receive an ICA Donor website seal.

Other Ways to Help

We may also be able to accept donations of domain names. Domain name donations may have tax advantages that can be explored with your accountant. Please contact us if you are interested in donating a domain.

Volunteering your time can be just as valuable as contributing money. The ICA needs help with membership outreach, fundraising, social media distribution and administrative efforts. Consider putting your talents to good use by supporting the ICA.

Support those who are making the domain industry better for all of us by supporting those who support the ICA. Look for the ICA Member badge and consider directing your business to those businesses who support the ICA. For those businesses who already support the ICA, let them know that you appreciate their support. For those businesses you deal with who don’t yet support the ICA, let them know that you prefer to work with businesses that are joining in the industry wide effort to protect our domain name assets.

How will my Contribution be Used?

As a volunteer-run organization, you can be assured that 100% of your contribution goes to pursuing the ICA’s mission. Our lean-and-mean approach means that every dollar spent supporting the ICA is another dollar helping domain owners team to counter the IP community’s narrative against domain investors specifically, and domains generally, by setting forth accurate information about our industry and working for recognition and preservation of domain registrant rights. Any amounts collected in excess of our operating budget will be devoted exclusively to the projects and purposes as decided by members, such as commissioning white papers to support ICA positions, the creation of a domain defense fund, hiring of additional staff, etc.

The ICA’s success and future depend on your support. For any membership questions feel free to contact our Executive Director, Kamila Sekiewicz, at

How to Make a Contribution

For individuals and businesses with less than 20 employees you can use PayPal. For Gold and Platinum memberships please send a paper check or wire transfer, for details click here.

PayPal Account: or through the One-Time or Annual Subscription buttons below:

Business Memberships

Individual Memberships

Individuals can join the ICA through an Individual Membership. Individual Memberships are $600 per year, or as a PayPal subscription for $50/month. Individual Memberships are only available for individuals in their personal capacity, not to businesses or organizations.

Contributors and Donors

  • Contributor
  • $100
  • Donor
  • $500

One-Time Donations

Bank Transfer:

Account Name: Internet Commerce Association
Bank Name: Bank Of America
Bank Address: 3401 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008
[Please contact us for routing and account information]

Communication for bank transfer: ‘Your organization name- ICA Fees’

International Wires should use the BIC/ SWIFT-Code: BOFAUS3N
and can provide this bank address:

Bank of America, NA
222 Broadway
New York, New York 10038

Or if by check, please make payable to INTERNET COMMERCE ASSOCIATION and mail to:

Internet Commerce Association
PO Box 4999
Washington, DC 20008