The attached resolution was unanimously adopted by the ICA board on October 3rd.  The following email to ICA members accompanied the announcement of the resolution.
Dear ICA Members,
The board has adopted the attached resolution to implement the addition of a new board position and the changes to the membership levels that we announced previously.
In summary, the resolution-
1.  Creates a new board seat to represent those who contribute less than $25k per year;
2.  Changes the class designation for those who contribute between $1,000 and $4,999 per year from “Supporter” to “Bronze Member”.
3.  Sets the voting procedures to elect the new board representative.   Gold members receive 5 votes each, Silver members receive 3 votes each, and Bronze members 1 vote each.
The nomination period for the new board seat is open now and closes on October 31st.  Any member can place a name in nomination.  The nominee does not have to be a member of the ICA.
This resolution continues the evolution of the ICA to a more open and more inclusive association.
When the ICA started only Platinum Members ($25,000 contributors) had any board representation and the minimum contribution for membership was $5,000.  Now full membership comes with a contribution of $1,000.  A few years ago, a board seat was created to represent the “domainer” members of the ICA, which is the board seat that Nat currently occupies.  Now that more members have joined the ICA in the non-Platinum membership classes, the time is right to add a new board seat.
The underlying idea is that there is a board seat for every $25k in contributions.  Since Platinum members make a full $25k contribution, they are entitled to appoint a board member.  The contributions of other classes are aggregated and a new board seat is created for each multiple of $25k in contributions.  As more members join, the expectation is that the board will continue to grow.
Some on the forums have decried as undemocratic that those who contribute more money have a greater say in the running of the ICA.
Our view is that the ICA would not exist without the contributions of those funding it, and that it is fair that those who make the greater contribution have a greater say in the organization.  Contributions of time and effort are equally as valuable as financial contributions.  Andee Hill is a Silver level member due to her stepping forward to take on the important role of membership coordinator.
The voting system to elect the new board member is a compromise.  Some may think that every member should have one vote, regardless of the level of contribution.  Others may think that the number of votes should be directly proportional to the size of the contribution.
By granting Gold members 5 votes each, Silver members 3 votes each and Bronze members 1 vote each, we are recognizing the greater contribution that the Gold and Silver members make, while most Bronze and Silver members receive a disproportionately large say in the voting compared to the size of their contribution.  We believe this system strikes the right balance.
We appreciate your continued support and welcome your feedback as the ICA continues to evolve to better fulfill its mission.
We look forward to your nominations.
Jeremiah Johnston
Daniel Law
Nat Cohen
ICA board members