Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominee Profile – Richard Lau

To make this year’s Lonnie Borck Memorial Award ceremony even more exceptional, the very talented folks at NamesCon, created elegant bobblehead drawings of all the Lonnie Borck Memorial Award Nominees. And since we think they’re too good to keep to ourselves, we’d like to share them along with some background on each of the deserving nominees. We’re starting with Richard Lau, who is the founder of NamesCon! Richard has been in the domain name industry for over two decades. He is always available to share his considerable knowledge and industry experience, as he recently did while participating in one of ICA member events. He inspires many as the Executive Director and a donor for the Water School, a charity working to improve clean water access in Africa. Richard is currently working on Logo.com. To learn more about Richard, visit his ICA member profile.