ICA Webcast – Does WIPO have the answer to post-GDPR whois access for the secondary domain name market?

ICA will be holding a public webcast, with Michael Palage and Frank Cona, developers of the “WIPO Model” for post-GDPR access to non-public Whois data. Michael and Frank will present the model and answer your questions on WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, at 1 pm EST. Registration is now open.

The webinar is open to anyone interested in learning more about this model! Brokers, registrants, investors, journalists, researchers, come and find out happens to domain Whois research after GDPR!

Find out if the WIPO Universal Access Model potentially provides Whois access;

  • To secondary marketplaces and escrow services for verification and compliance?
  • To brokers, agents, journalists, and researchers for due diligence, investigation, and acquisition purposes?
  • To IP, domain name, and business lawyers for domain name disputes and transactions; and
  • Are there benefits for registrant identification purposes, domain name portfolio management, and accessing registrar services?

The presentation, Third Party Access to Non-Public Registration Data, will take about 30 min, followed by a Q&A and comments session. Register today!

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