ICA Statement on U.S. Government Granting Verisign .Com Price Increase

As the domain name community knows, the ICA has been warning of an impending price hike on .com domain name registrations. We publicized the issue, launched a website to increase awareness of the issue, created a petition that attracted over 2,000 signatures, and advocated for our position directly to David Redl, the head of NTIA, as well as to the Department of Justice, and to ICANN.

We are disappointed to see that Verisign and the NTIA have made a deal to enable potential .com price hikes as well as other changes to the .com Registry Agreement.

The ICA is carefully reviewing this development and will continue to make domain name registrants’ concerns heard, particularly at ICANN which has the ultimate jurisdiction to permit or decline changes to the Registry Agreement.

We thank our members and friends for their support and encourage the domain name community to join us as we continue to advocate for domain name registrants’ rights.


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