ICA Recommendations to the auDA Board: Reform of Existing Policies & Implementation of Direct Registration

auDA, the Australian registry, is considering some dramatic policy changes, one of which attempts to potentially devastate domain name investing in Australia. While auDA has never had domain name investment-friendly policies, these new proposed changes make things decidedly worse and threaten the very existence of investment in Australian domain names.

The ICA views this as a threat to domain investing globally, and believes auDA should embrace domain investing, rather than oppose it. We have composed and submitted a comment letter, which you can read here.

You can also get involved yourself. auDA has called for public comment submissions, and we encourage all of you, to submit your comments. The deadline is April 12th, and you will find more information here.

If you have interest or stake in the Australian domain name market, and would like more information, or a template to submit your own comment to auDA, please email us at execdir@internetcommerce.org.

ICA Letter re Policy Review April 9 2019

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