Domain Sherpa Features Video Interview with ICA Counsel

Domain Sherpa, a well-known website that features video interviews with domain investment industry leaders, has now made available an interview with ICA Counsel Philip Corwin.

“Strawman Solution” Appears Unsolved – So What Now?

Commentary on ICANN’s proposed “Strawman Solution” for the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is reaching impressive heights. With just a few hours remaining before the filing deadline eighty-three separate comments have been submitted on the proposal, and we imagine that a few more will trickle in before the inbox is closed.

Strawman Conundrums: ICANN, WCIT, and the Multi-Stakeholder Process

The International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) concluded its Dubai meeting in some disarray last week, with 89 nations (with a collective population of 2.6 billion) signing the revised International Telecommunications Regulations (ITR) and 54 (with a collective population of 3.8 billion) abstaining and thereby effectively saying ‘No’.

ICA on the Record at ICANN 45-Toronto

While ICANN provides excellent remote participation technologies for its thrice-yearly public meetings, it’s been our experience that there is no real substitute for attending in person if you want to get the full picture of activities and have a meaningful impact. A tremendous amount of information is gained from hallway and other informal conversations, and it also allows for one-on-one networking with other participants as well as ICANN staff and Board members.

VeriSign Agrees to .Com Price Freeze as Agreement Renewal Condition

VeriSign and the Department of Commerce (DOC) announced this morning that the Agreement allowing VeriSign to remain in place as the .Com registry operator had been approved with one major alteration -- .Com wholesale prices will be frozen at $7.85 for the six-year length of the Agreement absent extraordinary circumstances.

ICA To DOC: Slash .Com Pricing by $2+, and Tie Future Price Hikes to CPI

In the past two years VeriSign has bestowed “special dividends” on its shareholders totaling nearly $1 billion, still has a cash pile exceeding $1.4 billion, and has so little need for all that cash that it is planning to spend more than half of it on stock buybacks. Meanwhile, under the .Com registry operations renewal Agreement already okayed by ICANN, it stands to reap more than $1.2 billion in above-market rate excess profits over the next six years. Nice monopoly work if you can get it.

LA Straw (Man)

Straw man >n. a person compared to a straw image; a sham.

  • ·         a sham argument set up to be defeated.

--- The New Oxford American Dictionary


Sickening Sandy Domain Scams

Lives were tragically lost in Hurricane Sandy, with many additional victims sustaining acute physical injuries. Power remains out in many storm-affected areas as temperatures skew colder. Thousands of homes have been destroyed or badly damaged, and businesses have been shuttered and laid off workers, as public officials scramble to find adequate alternative shelter for the homeless and coordinate relief efforts. The rebuilding effort will take months, and in some cases years.

NCSG Blasts BC/IPC Proposals for RPM Modifications

ICANN’s Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) issued a November 1st statement taking strong issue with the substance of the 8-point proposals for modifications of the required rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) for new gTLDs being advocated by ICANN’s Business and Intellectual Property Constituencies (BC/IPC), as well as with the process by which they have been advanced and may be considered.

VeriSign Issues Statement on Status of USG Review of the .Com Registry Contract

VeriSign  issued an extensive press statement today, with the probable intent of calming the markets -- given that its stock had dropped from about $46 to $36 in the last week, since its CEO advised analysts that US.. Government (USG) review of the .Com registry operations renewal agreement’s pricing provisions might delay its approval past the November 30th expiration date of the current contract. The share price did in fact recover somewhat today.